Ahmed Musa’s move to West Brom to be done in few days

Ahmed Musa’s move to West Brom to be done in few days

Ahmed Musa’s move to West Bromwich Albion is all but completed as the announcement is set to be made in the coming days, searchsport.org report.

He has undergone a successful training trial with the Albion and the coach his happy to have him in the squad. It is now left with the Albion to make the deal happen. If it does, it is expected the deal to run until the end of the current campaign.

Musa has been a free agent since he left Saudi Arabia club Al Nassr last October. And has been searching for a suitable club since then.

Coach of the Super Eagles is also following Ahmed Musa’s deal and has stated what he knows so far.

“It’s not so easy to change during the season but he is free to sign where he wants and there is no obligation to respect the transfer window for him because he was free already”

“I am very hopeful that he can sign in the next few days. He wanted to go back to Europe and to play in England. So it is not easy during the season but I am hopeful that he can sign for the club; it is very important that everybody is playing in their clubs”.

“It is a long time that he did not play, I think since October, so he needs now to get back in the rhythm of the matches.”

That will be a second spell for Musa if the deal is successful. He last featured for Leicester City in the Premier League.

Other report also has it that West Bromwich Albion have been struggling financially to sign Musa, according to the Daily Mail.

After some signings in January, it has since then limit their budget. The Super Eagles captain was said to have arrived England last Tuesday and has impressed Sam Allardyce in training.

Other clubs looking to sign Musa includes, Southampton, Burnley, Brighton and Hove Albion in the English Premier League if West Brom failed to complete the deal. CSKA Moscow is also interested in making an offer.

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