FA cup draw: Manchester United to face Liverpool

FA cup draw: Manchester United to face Liverpool

The FA cup draw has been made and teams to face each other has been announced. Current holders Arsenal will be away to Shrewsbury or Southampton, reports searchsport.org

Premier league side Wolves will be up against minnows Chorley.

The big clash will witness Manchester United face Liverpool, the biggest tie in the fourth round FA cup encounter.

Both sides have a game to play on the 17th of January, a Premier League clash among the top 2 in the Premier League table.

The Fourth and fifth round draws were made the same day. The Fourth round matches will be played on the 23rd of January while the fifth round will be played in the first week of February, February 8.

Manchester city will be up against Cheltenham after a superb victory over Birmingham. They were the winner of the FA cup in 2019.

Just like Manchester city, Liverpool also ease pass the Aston Villa side. Although not with Villa first team players. They will face a tougher side in the fourth round, which is Manchester United.

The blues, Chelsea FC will be up against Luton. This should be an easy fixture for the blues.

The other fixtures will see Wolves face National League North side Chorley. Derby were knocked out by Wolves’ opponent. A shocking result sees Leeds United trashed in the home by Crawley. Crawley will be up against Bournemouth.

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